Deidesheim....and more

....a Town already known by the Romans


Deidesheim  and the Wine-strasse...  

The famous Wine-strasse is in total 85 km, and 21 km through the town – pedestrians have the right away, always - various Festivals taking place either in town or the surrounding areas throughout summer and fall . Deidesheim is a town in the Rhineland Palatinate region of Germany with some 3,700 inhabitants. to 8 individuals


Travel date Sep 3 to Sep 10, 2019...

Arrival  the  4th  -  Departure  the  10th

Cost  included:  $  1500  CND

Tuition  &  Accommodation  for  6  Nights  

Tuition,  accommodations  (for  non-painting  spouse,  no  extra)  individual attention  and  5  breakfasts.

NOT  included:  Airfair,  Car  rental  and/or Dinner

Accommodations  at 


...A Once in a Lifetime Experience,,,


...documented through your own Artwork....

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